Hello All!

30 Apr

Hi all,

My name is Folashade Adeyosoye and commonly called “Shardayyy”. Pronounced “Shar” – “dayyy” just like the singer Sade Ade. I thought I would start a blog to talk about my enthusiasm with photography. I have had this love for photography for about 20 years of which I mostly take pictures of friends, family, my kids and my lovely wife.

One of my next postings would be about all the cameras that I have owned and used over the years and what I think of them. One of my very first camera was one that I used when I was in high school in Nigeria and it was a 110mm film camera. This was pretty much a roll of film that had 2 reels, just the way it would look when you insert a 35mm film cartridge in a camera. The camera had poor quality with low light and performed great in good light.

Negative strip of 110 film (with pencil for scale). The strip itself is 111 x 16 mm.


110 film cartridge (shown from front and from rear.)
110mm Film

And this is what a 110mm camera would look like.


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