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Historical Trail of Cameras Owned

26 May

I promised to talk about cameras that I have been using in the last couple of years.

The first consumer camera I bought was a Minolta STsi film 35mm SLR. The camera came with a kit lens (35-80mm) and I purchased an additional 100-300mm lens which you see on the camera. I probably took about 20 rolls of films with this camera and did not get most of them developed until this last year (Jan 2009) and they were taken in 2000. Some of the pictures taken with this camera are on my flickr page.

[Camear Review] My next camera was an Olympus C-2100 ultra zoom point and shoot. It is a 2.1 MP with a 10x zoom. I got the camera in 2003. I took loads of pictures with this camera. This is a very nice camera for doing macro shots and it is very good for 5×7 and 8×10 size prints. The lens can be as close as 0.5 inches and you can still get a sharp picture. I have now passed this lovely camera to my son to use.

[Camera Review] My next camera was a pocket point and shoot Casio Exilim z750. I got this camera late 2005 in the anticipation of the birth of my daughter. The two reasons why I got it was because of its video capability and its portability. Coming from a C-2100 with a max memory card size of 128MB at that time, this small puppy was very appealing as it could hold a 2GB card which was plenty of space for pictures and video. I am glad that I got it and I used it to capture the first couple of minutes of my daughter’s sudden birth into the world. A camera of this size sporting a 7.2 MP has a small sensor size which highlights the camera’s short coming – the camera does not do too good in low light, but does excellent in daylight. This prompted me to pick up my next camera.

[Camera Review] My next camera was an Olympus 560UZ  18X optical zoom. I love this camera and still use it as my small quick point and shoot. It has a nice zoom which is equivalent to a 27mm-486mm.

My current gear is a DSLR Nikon D90, and boy do I love this camera. This been my first real DSLR and it is like stepping up from a Toyota to a Porsche.


Nikon D90 / MB-D80 and Batteries EN-EL3e

17 May

I purchased my D90, the MB-D80 bundled with an extra battery online (from a prominent online camera store via Amazon) and was excited about taking tons of pictures without running out of juice. As a novice in the DSLR world, I was not quick in differentiating the fake/generic battery pack from the original one by name only. I would say anyone could have made the same mistake. Going by just the model numbers, I thought I was picking up the right battery (EN-EL3E) for the brand new D90, but to my amazement I was getting something that my D90 would not recognize. Rather than picking up the Nikon EN-EL3E, I got a plain old EN-EL3E.

After attaching the MD-B80 to the D90 body and popped in the original battery that came with the camera and the extra battery that was bundled with MB-D80, in the battery info screen on the D90, the second battery was grayed out. After shooting about 600 frames using the original battery, it ran out of juice and I was expecting the 2nd battery to kick in, but to my surprise the second battery was dead. The second battery was charged prior to installation for about 3 hours.

Here is a Nikon website that points out the real deal and the imitations

How can I spot imitation and non-Nikon rechargeable batteries

Here is what I got below. The real deal on the right and the imitation on the left.

Imitation Battery vs Real Deal (EN-EL3e)

WW II Memorial

8 May

This picture was from a series of photos taken at the DC’s World War II Memorial that was stitched together into a Panorama photo. Click on the “All sizes” link on the flickr page  to get a good view of the picture.