Nikon D90 / MB-D80 and Batteries EN-EL3e

17 May

I purchased my D90, the MB-D80 bundled with an extra battery online (from a prominent online camera store via Amazon) and was excited about taking tons of pictures without running out of juice. As a novice in the DSLR world, I was not quick in differentiating the fake/generic battery pack from the original one by name only. I would say anyone could have made the same mistake. Going by just the model numbers, I thought I was picking up the right battery (EN-EL3E) for the brand new D90, but to my amazement I was getting something that my D90 would not recognize. Rather than picking up the Nikon EN-EL3E, I got a plain old EN-EL3E.

After attaching the MD-B80 to the D90 body and popped in the original battery that came with the camera and the extra battery that was bundled with MB-D80, in the battery info screen on the D90, the second battery was grayed out. After shooting about 600 frames using the original battery, it ran out of juice and I was expecting the 2nd battery to kick in, but to my surprise the second battery was dead. The second battery was charged prior to installation for about 3 hours.

Here is a Nikon website that points out the real deal and the imitations

How can I spot imitation and non-Nikon rechargeable batteries

Here is what I got below. The real deal on the right and the imitation on the left.

Imitation Battery vs Real Deal (EN-EL3e)


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