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2nd Annual Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk in Baltimore

22 Jul

Since this was my first photo walk ever, I did not know what to expect. I got there early enough to meet up with the other photo walkers, did some introductions and waited until about 9am to go happy shooting after our walk lead have given us some instructions about the walk, and where to meet up afterward.

Most of us went our different ways, but all seem to have gone in one common direction.

One thing I noticed is that time went by really fast, I guess they say time flies by fast when you are having fun. One of the fun things I also brought along with me for the walk is my Garmin 305 wrist watch. I used it to track the distance walked, and hopefully I would be able to download my path map just to see my walk paths.

The inner harbor was beautiful, temperature was about 80 degree’s and there were quite a bit of people by the harbor. After the walk we all met for lunch, went over some photos, exchanged business cards and headed back home.

For the rest of the pictures, check out my Zenfolio and Flickr page.

Here are fews pictures from my walk.


2nd Annual Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk in Washington D.C

22 Jul

I also signed up for the Washington D.C Monument photowalk group. I got to the monument area on time, but finding a parking space was a nightmare. I kept driving up and down Connecticut Ave hoping that someone will pull out and I can have a parking spot.  After about 20 minutes of driving up and down, I decided to drive down one of the side streets and luckily enough for me there it was; a parking space waiting just for me.

By this time, I am a bit late trying to catch up with my group at the starting point, but ran into them about 10 mins into their walk. For the walk we all stayed close as a group and pretty much took pictures in the same vicinity as we all walked along from the Lincoln Memorial passing by the reflecting pool, the World World War II memorial,  the Washington Monument all the way down to Capitol Hill. By this the 2 hours was up and I had to get back on the road to take care of some things.

Still using my Garmin 305 wrist watch, I walked about 3.25 miles.

For the rest of the pictures, check out my Zenfolio and Flickr Page.

Here are fews pictures from my walk.

Here is the path walked.

Scott Kelby’s 2nd Annual Photowalk coming up July 18th, 2009

13 Jul

As July 18th, 2009  comes up fast, I am getting excited by the day looking forward to my first photo walk.

I am looking forward to use this opportunity to network, to learn and improve my photography skills.

Here are few things I am doing to get prepared:

* Researching my photo walk route:
By researching my route I am getting myself acclimated with what might be on my route, such things as land marks or interesting building. And the way am doing this is by simply using any of the street view applications out there. Such as Google Earth, Google maps, Bing Maps etc. That way I can keep a mental list of some cool spots I have to take a picture of.

* Business / Contact Cards:
By profession I am not photographer, but a Software Engineer by day and I do not have photography business cards ready  to give out. What am doing is firing up photoshop and by using a business card template, I can easily add my name and some contact info where people can find me online. This would be a good way to share my work and also meet people.

* Gears:
Making sure I have what is needed for that day. If you look at My Gears list, the only thing I would be bringing with me would be my D90, both lenses (Nikkor 18-200mm VR f3.5-f5.6 and a Nikkor 50mm f1.8), the SB-600 speedlight, extra batteries for the flash, extra memory cards all packed in my Lowepro SlingShot 100 and a tripod.

* Online Photo account:
For those that do not have a way to share their photos online, there are tons of paid and free sites you can host your photos on. The ones that I have are Flickr (Free with yahoo account), shutterchance (Free/Paid), Zenfolio (Free Trial/Paid – a discount coupon code is available on my site if intrested in Zenfolio ), Picassa (Free with Gmail account). Making sure these accounts are still valid and ready for photo postings.

For more information about the photo walk please visit the official website for more details.

Zenfolio & its Referral Code

6 Jul

I have been using Zenfolio for the past 2 weeks on trial bases and all I can say is I love what I see so far.  I will be give more details on specifics as time goes on, but here are a few thing I can point out:

  • Nice & Clean templates – Templates can be assigned to individual albums.
  • A good way to organize your photo’s
  • Optimizes the displayed image to fill your screen, no matter how big or small your screen is.
  • You can protect your images by assigning a password to a whole album down to a single image.
  • You can also selectivly grant download access to a whole album or a just single image.
  • Display of EXIF data. As a photographer I check out a lot of EXIFdata to check out the setting’s of the camera at the time the picture was taken.
  • Customized Watermarks
  • E-commerce – Not sure how competitive they might be compared to other image hosting companies, since I haven’t used this feature yet.
  • Ability to embed your album in external sites.

For those interested in signing up with Zenfolio, here is a referral code FXS-YV5-BQZ for you to sign up and save $5.