2nd Annual Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk in Baltimore

22 Jul

Since this was my first photo walk ever, I did not know what to expect. I got there early enough to meet up with the other photo walkers, did some introductions and waited until about 9am to go happy shooting after our walk lead have given us some instructions about the walk, and where to meet up afterward.

Most of us went our different ways, but all seem to have gone in one common direction.

One thing I noticed is that time went by really fast, I guess they say time flies by fast when you are having fun. One of the fun things I also brought along with me for the walk is my Garmin 305 wrist watch. I used it to track the distance walked, and hopefully I would be able to download my path map just to see my walk paths.

The inner harbor was beautiful, temperature was about 80 degree’s and there were quite a bit of people by the harbor. After the walk we all met for lunch, went over some photos, exchanged business cards and headed back home.

For the rest of the pictures, check out my Zenfolio and Flickr page.

Here are fews pictures from my walk.


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