2nd Annual Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk in Washington D.C

22 Jul

I also signed up for the Washington D.C Monument photowalk group. I got to the monument area on time, but finding a parking space was a nightmare. I kept driving up and down Connecticut Ave hoping that someone will pull out and I can have a parking spot.  After about 20 minutes of driving up and down, I decided to drive down one of the side streets and luckily enough for me there it was; a parking space waiting just for me.

By this time, I am a bit late trying to catch up with my group at the starting point, but ran into them about 10 mins into their walk. For the walk we all stayed close as a group and pretty much took pictures in the same vicinity as we all walked along from the Lincoln Memorial passing by the reflecting pool, the World World War II memorial,  the Washington Monument all the way down to Capitol Hill. By this the 2 hours was up and I had to get back on the road to take care of some things.

Still using my Garmin 305 wrist watch, I walked about 3.25 miles.

For the rest of the pictures, check out my Zenfolio and Flickr Page.

Here are fews pictures from my walk.

Here is the path walked.


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