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365 Days @ 50mm – The first 30 days

15 Nov

This has been an interesting and fun 48 days so far with this challenge. The fun part of the project is getting feedback on the photo’s and trying out new things with the camera. And the challenge I face everyday is deciding what to shoot next? At this time of the year it gets dark as early as 5pm and by the time I get back from my day job, its dark and cold outside to get out and take some pictures. So am left with shooting around the house and in most cases taking pictures of my model, oh I mean my daughter :-). I am still contemplating just going with a particular theme for the week, and what I mean by that is pick a particular strobist theme and shoot that all week and try to be creative with it. So if I decide to shoot Silhouette’s or shadows or night stuff, I would be shooting that for that week.

Here are the photo’s from my 1st 30 days. Enjoy.

Vodpod videos no longer available.