Water Drops

12 Jan

This is my first attempt at photographing water drops. The setup was not that difficult. A pan of water, sandwich bag held by a stand, a cardboard, a flash and most importantly a camera.

I placed a white sheet of cardboard/paper right opposite the camera in order to bounce the flash. I experimented by putting on a blue and green gel on the flash.

The challenging part was using a 50mm and trying to focus on the water drops. One quick solution was pointing a straw where the drip drops and focused on the straw to get a good focus.

The camera was set on high speed to take multiple shots; shooting in RAW, and I also used a remote cord to take the shots, and this was done to avoid camera shake.

Strobist Info:

Flash @ 1/32 power

ISO 200

1/250 sec at f 7.1


One Response to “Water Drops”

  1. Tunji Sarumi January 13, 2010 at 2:59 PM #

    This is awesome… Thanks for the tutorial.

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