262/365 – 06/17/10 [365 Days @ 50mm] – Nigeria – Two Naira (₦2)

17 Jun

Exchange Rate as of today (6/18/2010) 

₦2 = $0.0132

Some notes about the Nigerian Coat of Arms:

The shield represents the good earth of Nigeria.
The wavy bands represent the rivers Niger and Benue.
The horses represent dignity.
The eagle represents strength.
The wreath is in the colors of the Nigerian flag.
The ground on which the bearings stand is Coctus Spectablis, which is a common wild flower found throughout Nigeria.
The motto says "Unity and faith, Peace and Progress".

The naira (sign: ₦; code: NGN) is the currency of Nigeria. It is subdivided into 100 kobo.
The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) is the sole issuer of legal tender money throughout the Federation. It controls the volume of money supply in the economy in order to ensure monetary and price stability.


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