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Cactus Wireless Flash Trigger Set V4 & Receivers

29 Oct

Finally got my Cactus Wireless Flash Trigger Set V4 and receivers and have been trying them out. So far I love them and have not had any misfires as people have claimed.  As a product, they are very steady and portable compared to the V2 receivers.

I was able to trigger my flash (SB-600) at distances of about 50 feet with walls in-between me and flash, and was able to trigger the flash in open spaces at a whooping distance of 180-190 feet. I did not see much of a difference in distance if the antenna was up or down.

Some of the other tests I performed were:

  • High Frame Rate fire: At about 5 fps (frames per second) with a battery grip(MB-D80) and the flash at full power, the flash was not able to keep up with every frame. I got about 1 in every 5 shot flash trigger (Note: batteries were not fully charged). I believe this is mainly due to the flash recycle time.
  • When the flash was at its lowest power 1/64th of full power, the flash was able to keep up with every frame shot.

The extra receivers I got would eventually be coupled with my current SB-600 and the future SB-24 or SB-25.

Here are a few picture of the trigger and receiver.



26/365 – 10/23/09 [365 Days @ 50mm] – Playing around with off camera flash

23 Oct

Decided to play with flash lighting and see how dramatic I can make the background by playing around the shutter speed and the F number.

The one’s with the dramatic background were taken on full manual, f/22, 1/200sec @ ISO200. While the one with that day light background was taken in shutter priority mode, f/6.3, 1/200 sec @ ISO 200. All were taken with the flash off camera to the left using a 50mm f/1.8 lens.

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Photography Gear Wish List – Off camera lighting Update

16 Oct

I just pulled the trigger on getting some equipment for my off camera lighting. I purchased a Cactus Wireless Flash Trigger Set V4 and 2 Cactus Wireless Flash V4 Receiver’s . With this setup, I would be able to shoot with the flashes off the camera. I read some good reviews about the Cactus Wireless Triggers and Receivers, and for under $100 I would able to fire 3 separate flashes, compared to a single $170 pocket wizard.

I am also looking to pick up 2 extra flashes (Nikon SB-26 or SB-28dx under $100 each) to add to my SB-600. To top this all up, a softbox would seal the deal for me.

As soon as I get them and have tried them out, I would surely give a review about them.

Happy Shooting.

Some photos from the 365@50mm project.

12 Oct

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Participating in a 365@50 Project!

4 Oct

A couple of blog post’s ago, I was hinting on taking on a personal projects that would help me in my photography journey. If you have not read it feel free to read about it here.

I have decided to take part in a project started by a fellow photographer Shawn Duffy. And the premise of the project is to take a picture everyday for the next 365 days just using a 50mm lens. You can read more about the project here.

I have been having fun so far and I have just uploaded my first set of picture’s taken over the last couple of days. I hope to post a picture everyday and not wait until the end of the week.

I tweet about my new postings on my twitter account.

Here are links where you can keep up with my daily postings.

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Photography Gear Wish List – Off camera lighting

21 Sep

Its been a couple of months now since I decided to take my photography to a another level. And from the things i have learnt so far, I believe there are somethings I need to do to make my pictures look different from any other picture i have ever taken.

Now that I look at every picture from a photographer’s point of view, I now see hard shadows, object growing out of the subject’s head, over exposed subjects and a whole lot more. My picture’s have been a lot better since I have gotten my first DSLR (Nikon D90) and a flash (Nikon SB-600). I have learnt to bounce my flash off the wall (hopefully its white) to create a bigger source of light, because bigger source’s of light casts softer light on the subject.

A gear that would help me with light control is a softbox. A softbox is a box that fits over a flash head or lamp made of black sides, with white, gold or silver interior and a translucent front where light passes through. I currently use a Gary Fong lightsphere, and this seems to do the job so far. To get creative I would have to take the light off the camera. In terms of off-camera light using a softbox, one can make the pictures dramatic or sensual. I will surely blog about this as soon as I get my hands on one.

2 Softboxes and white reflectors.